Hybrid Firecracker by Phat Panda
First Impressions
Total Cannabinoids: 51.26%
Total THC: 45.01%
Total CBD: 6.25%
CBD: 6.02%
CBDA: 0.26%
THC: 23.30%
THCA: 24.76%


The Firecracker packaging is pretty straight forward. Just a pre-roll tube, with fairly limited information on the label. The Firecracker is a joint with flower, oil, and kief, this was the “Hybrid Formula,” according to the label. The Uncle Ike’s label specified that the joint was OG Chem, and vanilla-infused. I was excited to notice the recycling symbol on the bottom. It’s number 5 plastic, which is recyclable in King County. Yay for more green cannabis packaging!


Like the packaging, this product is pretty straightforward. It’s a one-gram joint, and the exterior is covered with kief. It’s nice because the kief stuck to the paper well, and didn’t fall off in the tube, as happens with some infused joints. The scent was pretty subtle, not overpowering at all. Definitely smelled some OG Chem, with pine/diesel notes, and hints of vanilla as well.


Upon sparking this pre-roll, I was happy to find that it was much smoother to smoke than other infused joints on the market. The flavor wasn’t amazing, much like the scent there was some subtle pine and vanilla in there, but it wasn’t powerful by any means. Joints are never the way to showcase flavor in cannabis, it’s all about the delivery system. And this is a mighty fine delivery system! I smoked about half of this doobie solo, and it felt like taking a dab or two, it was really powerful. It’s perfect for anyone who is looking for a powerful and portable high. Sometimes the simplicity of a joint is just what you need when you’re out and about, and this firecracker offers that, without sacrificing the high you get from concentrates. OG Chem is a hybrid strain, with lots of sativa qualities, and this joint provided that. A nice little energetic buzz, the perfect lift for enjoying the summer sun, tackling a creative project, or enjoying something social.


While the packaging, fragrance, and flavor of this infused pre-roll aren’t anything too incredible, the product itself is efficient and effective. It does just what it’s designed to do. It gets you super high.