Falcanna- Pacific Blue Wax
First Impressions
THC-A: 89.2%
THC: 80.3%
CBD: 0.2%
Cannabinoid Total: 91.5%


Falcanna is leaning into its earthy back-to-nature vibe with its Pacific Blue label, which features a happy sea turtle floating along, with its friends in the background. Falcanna’s packaging is recyclable, which should assuage any ocean lovers’ guilt about consumption. In addition to being Earth-friendly, the packaging also included a fancy little falcon sticker. And of course, the teensy glass jar with the signature squiggly white lid is both aesthetically and functionally delightful.


It’s always nice when concentrate has a texture that’s malleable. It’s so much easier for portion control, and much less of the product gets wasted. This wax meets that criteria. It is easy to consume without mess, waste, or struggle. The fragrance is delicate, with notes of fruity, floral, earthy goodness.


This wax was smooth, clean, and light-feeling, with an immediate subtle flavor that was reminiscent of sandalwood. While it was not what I was expecting, it was a pleasant surprise. The finish was fruity and earthy, and more in line with what I was expecting of the strain’s terpene profile. This powerful indica hybrid, which tests at 89.2% THC-A, has a tranquil effect. Somewhere between a blissed-out day spent gazing at the Pacific ocean, and an actual medical tranquilizer, Falcanna’s Pacific Blue wax is perfect for letting loose after a long stressful day or relaxing on a day off. The sativa and indica percentages, 20% and 80%, respectively, and the high reflected that with an intensely relaxing effect– both physically and mentally. The effects are long-lasting, making it ideal for any occasion that requires few breaks.


Pacific Blue wax is powerful, tasty, and downright exceptional. It meets all the marks of a good concentrate. The sandalwood-esque flavor might put some people off, but it’s subtle enough to not be overwhelming, and I personally found it nice. You can find out more about Pacific Blue wax at the CD store's Preorder Menu.