NWCS Legends - Blue Sherbert
NWCS Legends – Blue Sherbert
First Impressions


Legends has upgraded to these heavy, wide, shallow jars that I really like. The phenotype is clearly listed on the front, but I would still love to see genetics information and possibly Sativa/Indica percentages. Luckily the CD store's Preorder Menu had all the details I needed.


NWCS definitely produces some gorgeous flower. There were so many colors in this jar, and each nug had slightly different hues. Upon breakdown, I was even more impressed. Once I broke this apart, it revealed even brighter colors towards the center. Blue Sherbert has such a complex aroma, I had a hard time figuring out what I was smelling lol. I picked up some earthy/berry/sweet/musky notes.


This has a smooth smoke, but it has a slight tingly sensation to it. This put me in an awesome, chill headspace. I was alert but not necessarily focused. My body was relaxed but not heavy or sleepy. I felt like I was just floating around my apartment in a happy/euphoric daze. My only complaint is that the smoke has an earthy/musk taste that kind of tastes like dirt.


Blue Sherbert was awesome and will probably be one of my go-to hybrids for chillin in afternoons and evenings. I’m excited to try this in a more social setting, as I’ve only smoked this solo so far. I could see this being perfect for smoking around a bonfire!