SKoRD - Sour Tangie
SKoRD – Sour Tangie
First Impressions


SKoRD’s pre-roll packaging is awesome considering there isn’t a ton of space available. Personally, I love their branding. It’s clean, organized and has a nice pop of color! The strain name is clearly visible. The phenotype indicator lets me know what type of high I’m getting. Not much else to ask for!


These have got to be the most perfect joints I’ve ever smoked! All I had to do was light ‘em up! Sour Tangie has a potent citrus/sour/chem aroma that totally tingled my nose. All the Sour Diesel vibes coming through!


I brought these with me while hiking last weekend, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Sour Tangie elevated my mood, sparked tons of creativity and threw all my worries out the window! This made for the ultimate hike! The only downside I noticed was the dry-mouth. Make sure you have some water handy!


I’m starting to prefer two smaller joints, rather than one large joint for my pre-rolls. I feel like the burn is smoother and I can get a better hit. This was my first SKoRD pre-roll purchase, and it definitely wont be my last!