American Baked Co. - Birthday Cookie Dough
American Baked Co. – Birthday Cookie Dough
First Impressions


I really like American Baked Co’s simple package design, however, it’s lacking some information that I personally find helpful. The required label on the back states “CO2 Extraction- Puffin Clean Green THC.” I really prefer strain specific edibles, or AT LEAST phenotype specific.


My favorite part about this is probably the little wooden spoon they provided to eat the edibles with. They were obviously thinking ahead when they made these! I also really like the serving size for these.


The flavor of this cookie dough is awesome; there was no cannabis taste or smell and the texture is exactly what I’d expect from a cookie dough. I ate 5 of these over the course of an hour (50mgs total). Unfortunately, I didn’t feel much, but then again, I have a pretty high tolerance at this point!


These were delicious! I’d recommend this to anyone who’s looking for an edible but doesn’t necessarily want “candy”. The birthday cake flavor was sweet but never overwhelming. I probably could have eaten all 10 but I didn’t want to overdo it. Perfect for the afternoon munchies!