NW Wonderland - Rescue Roll-On
NW Wonderland – Rescue Roll-on
First Impressions


NW Wonderland's packaging for this little stick is simple and straight-to-the-point. For a topical, the most important info to me is what's in the thing, and the ingredients are listed, so that's a big plus. Of course, the active ingredient — CBD — is also listed: 50mg. Everything you need to know, nothing you don't.


This is the unscented version of their roll-on, so to be honest I didn't really have any first impressions. As promised, it smells like nothing, and the gel is nice and clear. I had no qualms about putting it on my skin.


I applied it liberally to my ankles, all around the joint and in the pockets around my achilles tendon. My ankles pretty much constantly hurt from years of skate injuries, so I figured that would be the best place to test this product's pain-relieving qualities. There is, of course, a chance it was placebo, or perhaps the arnica that's included, but I did immediately feel a pleasant tingling sensation and reduced pain. I don't know if this makes sense, because joints can't technically feel anything, but the whole area felt calm.


Generally, I do not buy into the hype around CBD-only products, and am not interested in CBD lattes, CBD temporary tattoos, and whatever other dumb stuff they're putting CBD in these days. I am, however, interested in the compound's pain-relieving properties, and I think this product actually has some. Wonderland makes a whole lot of fancier topicals, if you want to pamper yourself in the bath or what have you, but if you just want something to help keep your creaky, aging body moving, this'll definitely do. Plus, they're natural, organic, fairy-dust-infused and all that. Not bad for $30.