WA Grower - Dutch Treat
WA Grower – Dutch Treat
First Impressions


WA Grower’s packaging is simple and to the point. Unfortunately, they do not list phenotype, effects or terpenes, so I usually have to research this information elsewhere.


These little buds had a nice green color, were very sparkly and had a nice sweet/berry/pine aroma. The nug was kind of squished but that could just be me being picky.


I was immediately turned off by the flavor of the smoke. It had this weird earthy taste that totally didn’t match with the aroma of the dried flower. On the upside, once I finished my bowl, I was hit with an alert/focused/motivating head high that I could feel behind my eyes. It was like my vision was enhanced!


Dutch Treat has never been my go-to strain but recently I've been enjoying it well enough. WA Grower produces a potent product at a reasonable price. I’d definitely recommend them if you’re looking to get stoned without spending a bunch, but it's not top shelf stuff..