WA Bud Co - Blackberry
Washington Bud Co. – Blackberry
First Impressions


Washington Bud Company uses a sleek black bag for their flower with a strain specific sticker around the side. The sticker contains all the information I want to see, including terpenes! I really like that their products are all tested for pesticides and heavy metals, it makes me feel safe smoking their products.


This little nug was totally squished in the bag, leaving two of its sides totally flat. The color on this was gorgeous; the leaves were bright green and the hairs were a dark reddish/orange color. This broke apart easily by hand and left my finger tips all sticky.


The smoke on this is really smooth, but the spicy terpenes left me coughing. I was instantly hit with a relaxing body buzz that wasn’t too overwhelming. About 20 minutes later, I started to sink into my couch and my mind started to zone out. About an hour later and I Was ready for bed!


I’ve never really liked blackberry strains, but this was different than the others on the market right now. I’d totally recommend this to anyone who’s looking for deep physical relaxation with a calm mind.