Saints - Pink LemonAid
Saints – Pink LemonAid
First Impressions


Saints’ two-joint packages come in a standard joint tube with their branding and 502 labels on the outside. The Saints branding is intriguing while still being sleek and easy to read. The phenotype is clearly listed on the front, with the strain name and testing data on the back.


This 0.5g joint was packed perfectly! They use the folded tip method, instead of the twisted end, and I think that really makes a difference. The joint burned slow and the paper didn’t run. I really like the branded filter on the joint, it’s a nice touch.


This was a fun sativa strain that really helped me perk up after work. I experienced an increase in motivation, creativity and energy! It had a citrus/berry/pine taste that was awesome. My only complaint is that the high felt short. I ended up smoking again in less than an hour.


Saints makes some of the best pre-rolls on the market; they are super consistent and always burn perfectly. Their packaging is super creative as well, their larger packs have awesome art featured on the boxes. I feel like they are definitely worth the price.