Wildflower Wellness - CBD Soap
Wildflower Wellness – CBD Soap
First Impressions


I love how wildflower makes their packaging simple but eye-catching. The light aqua and white color combination in the simple boxes makes it clear that this is a beauty product that you need to try. The ingredients and benefits are listed on each side of the box, which is nice. (If you're curious, the ingredients are: coconut oil, whole plant extract CBD, and lavender or vanilla essential oil.)


The vanilla and lavender essential oils create an aromatherapy experience that calms and refreshes.


I love how the bar lathers into a thick layer of foam that actually feels like it’s cleaning and soothing your skin. When I let the soap sit on my face for a minute a tingly sensation prickled over my skin, leaving it feeling rejuvenated. Lavender also acts as an antibacterial and the vanilla has anti-inflammatory properties, which leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh.


With so few ingredients, and all of them natural, I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in stepping up their skincare game. Overall, this is a high-quality soap bar with simple ingredients that I would buy anyway. The CBD is just an added benefit!