SPP - Legalized OG
Seattle’s Private Reserve – Legalized OG
First Impressions


This 0.5g sample came in a black hanging bag with a subtle, classy background. The standard information was on the back but there was nothing about phenotype or expected effects. I was able to find information online regarding this strain, but I’d prefer to get it directly from the grower.


This little nug was gorgeous! It had great bud structure, long orange hairs, tons of crystals and was nice and fluffy. As soon as I opened the bag, I got hit with a potent Pine/Chem/Lemon aroma that kind of reminded me of Pine-Sol.


This smoke was a bit hot on the inhale, which made me cough. The flower burned nice and slow, leaving little ash. My body instantly felt heavy with a slight tingly sensation, leaving my muscles relaxed and me melting into the couch. This also had a stoney/dazed head high that was perfect for binging some Netflix. About an hour and a half later, I was asleep!


This was awesome! It started out with strong body AND mental effects, then tapered off to be more body focused. I usually have to smoke before bed to get a good night’s sleep, but that was not necessary after smoking this. I smoked at 7:30pm and was stuck to the couch all evening.