Goldleaf - Wedding Cake
Goldleaf – Wedding Cake
First Impressions

Goldleaf Packaging is easily recognizable and gives off the air of class and high quality. I like the inclusion of the strain name and pheno right on top of the lid. The pop-top lets me know my weed will be fresh and it's a jar I would easily reuse. The only gripe I have is that the emblem that's in the glass kinda makes it hard to get a really good view of the flower.


I mean...just look at this nug. It is unbelievably frosty and hairy. The buds are either super bright green, a deep purple, or a beautiful blend of both. The smell is funky AF. Filled my whole room with a sweet, skunky smell. This stuff makes your mouth water.


Put this in a bong and smoked it before a date. Every hit is full of the sweetest flavor, it was like smoking candy. The smoke was smooth and didn't leave me choking, but instead sat in my chest like a weight. The high hits you in the face IMMEDIATELY. After two hits I had to call my roomie in and let her smoke with me. This is the type of weed you want to show off. After the second bowl I was stupid high. Like I haven't been that high in a minute. The room was even starting to spin ever so slightly. I had a blast. When my date came I loaded the bong for him and about 10 minutes later he kept trailing off from his stories cause he was so high.


Wedding Cake is a hot commodity in the industry right now and Goldleaf did that shit RIGHT! I had to tuck away the rest of my 1/8th because it's so good I have to make it stretch. Goldleaf as a whole has yet to let me down with a product and they are totally worth the splurge.