Trail Blazin’ Productions – Gorilla Glue #4
First Impressions
Total Cannabinoids 31%
THC 27%
CBD 0.1%
CBG 0.6%


The package is pretty basic, but they do have a nice little window to see the product through. Also, it's clearly stated on the front that it's pesticide free, which is a huge bonus for me. It's nice that they give a few keywords on the front of the package to give you an idea of the flavor profile.


The buds are nice and crystally; they're so resiny that they'll leave a residue in the package. These are nice sized buds with small orange hairs all throughout. Very aromatic. Definitely a strong diesel smell, with the astringent notes that really make the strain's sour, bitter essence shine through.


I felt an immediate sensation at the base of my neck, which dissipated over my body into a super mellow feeling. Very calming high that didn't linger in my head at all but instead seemed to start there and move onto my body. I smoked this before bedtime. It was definitely a good choice, I just curled up and drifted off to sleep.


I really enjoyed the GG #4 as a before bedtime smoke. I also smoked this once before I watched a movie, Definitely a good, relaxing, strain for screen time, though I did start spacing out 30 minutes into the film.