Falcanna - Dutch Haze Sugar Wax
Falcanna – Dutch Haze Sugar Wax
First Impressions


I didn’t get a pic of the packaging, but it’s a small plastic bag with the classic Falcanna strain sticker. What I really love about these concentrates is their adorable silicone lids! The drippy effect just makes it all the more unique while still being functional.


Open the lid of this jar and you’re smacked in the face with the strong smell of sweet pine. Super refreshing, awakening scent. The wax itself is a really nice honey color. And the texture is ideal in my opinion: soft, malleable, but still sticky instead of dry and crumbly.


Clarity, creativity, vibrancy, and happiness are all great words to describe this high. Great for any time of day, but an especially good wake and bake dab. Tasted so effin’ good, just like it smells. Fresh pine, minty sweetness.


At $18 a gram, this is one heck of a deal. Seriously some of the tastiest dabs I’ve had, with a really satisfying high.