Seattle's Private Reserve - Banana Punch
Seattle’s Private Reserve – Banana Punch
First Impressions

SPR’s packaging exudes high-end luxury. I was tempted to buy an eighth just for the glass jar. I also love the new QR code feature that will take you to the strain’s full test results. All-in-all, great packaging.


These buds look amaaazing. Almost appearing white from afar, upon closer examination, you’ll find a fluffy bud smothered in trichomes. The smell is overwhelmingly fruity - banana, pear, and grapes. I broke the bud apart into the grinder and found my fingers coated in sticky kief. One regret I had was putting this bud into a grinder. I over-ground the bud and what resulted was not prime joint rolling material. Regardless, I did my best to finish the joint, and it was purely user error.


The smoke tasted just as it smelled: creamy, fruity and smooth. Even though the bud was ground too fine, the joint smoked relatively slow. The high had me in a happy daze for about an hour before I felt it wear off. I felt a full-body relaxation and stoney euphoria. Wish the high would’ve lasted longer, but it was nice while it lasted.


Awesome packaging and branding, bud looks and smells absolutely incredible, and a good - albeit slightly short - high. A good choice for those who enjoy a bud that smells and tastes delicious, and a relaxed, stoney high.