Bacon's Buds - Tropsanto
Bacon’s Buds – Tropsanto
First Impressions

I really love Bacon's Buds' packaging for the amount of easy-to-use information displayed. They manage to put everything you need to know in an easily understandable format without too much clutter. Also, the majority of the information is on the back of the bag so you can hang them backwards to protect them from light damage. I also like the jars they use for the single grams, though I would like to see larger jars for the eighths so the bud doesn’t get squished.


The buds that I got in my sample were very long, thin foxtails. I have noticed this with some of the other strains they run as well. The bud has the look of a tangie strain, along with some purple cookie color and a good bit of trichomes. I didn’t feel that the terps jumped out of the bag when I opened it but there was a slight sweet citrus smell to the bud. Bud is dense and it ground up to more then I expected. It rolled up nicely even though it was a bit dry.


Smooth smoke with nice clean ash. Not much flavor, but an enjoyable smoke nonetheless. The high definitely hits both sides of the fence with a slight head buzz and a mellow body feel. This would be a good afternoon strain to unwind after a shift. Overall, I generally prefer a more defined high that goes a little further one way or another but for those who like a more balanced experience this is certainly a good choice.


Overall, I think this product provides a decent decent experience. Bacon's Buds does a generally good job with the production and their packaging is better than most. They are at a competitive price point with gardens like SPP, Phat Panda, and Cultivar White Label, and they put out a clean, reliable product that seems to have a good following. This strain wasn’t my favorite of theirs, but they have some interesting crosses I would love to try next!