Double Delicious - Day Pack
Double Delicious – Day Pack
First Impressions


There's nothing super special about Double Delicious packaging besides the consistent branding. You know it's one of their products as soon as you seen the bright colors and shiny bag. Branding is a huge part of the WA market and they have theirs down.


I love that these caps are color coordinated with the sticker on the outside, so you can tell which of the three is which—they come in an assortment of indica, sativa, and hybrid. Just by looking at the oil, you know that this is gonna be an experience. It's a golden amber color that promises wicked times.


I LOVE the Infusionz and the Day Pack assortment is a great way to have different experiences to see which variety you like the most before you commit to one. The Hybrid is a nice balanced high. I digested these (they are food grade safe even though they're technically a topical) and when you ingest THC its automatically gonna be more of a body high. I will say this: it didn't automatically have me wanting my bed. I was just silly stoned. The indica one will have you wanting to call it a night when it hits you, however. The body high is twice as intense. The sativa one is my favorite of the three. You still get a nice strong body high from ingesting it, but with this crazy stoniness that sits on your forehead like a leech. Great for going to a concert or out clubbing. You'll be feeling wonderful.


The things are great for so many reasons. They're topicals, so you can add them to your lotions or scrubs to infuse it and make your own medicated topical. And because its food grade safe, it's a quick and effective way to get a super strong edible high for all the high tolerance folks like me. And for the price? Seriously, snatch them up if you see them.