Bacon's Buds - Strawberries & Cream
Bacon’s Buds – Strawberries & Cream
First Impressions


There's a big clear window on the back to view the bud, and all the information is neatly on the seal so it doesn't cover the bud up. I have always loved the logo for Bacon's Buds, it's a cool little illustration of what looks like Mt. Rainier with some trees around it. I have also always loved that underneath the logo are the strains that have created what you're smoking. And it's a huge plus that they support international elephant and ocean conservation with every sale, which the package also notes.


It's a beautifully frosty bud that is SO DENSE I would have been fighting to get it apart without a grinder. It's got some really dark orange hairs hidden within the frosty mass of loveliness. I rated it a 5 more for the dense feel and crystals rather than the overall beauty. Smell is mild, almost oat-y and with hints of a creamy sweetness that's hard to pinpoint.


Hit me very strongly in the head at first, not in a punchy way but like large expanding cloud sort of way. I felt focused and, after about a minute or so, super relaxed in my body.


Awesome buds!