Washington Bud Co - Sky Master
Washington Bud Co. – Sky Master
First Impressions

Sleek design and easy to grab different strains as the labels are color coated. Nice, big window on the front for viewing. Simple logo that is easy on the eye, and it's printed in a pattern on the back of the reflective packaging which is a nice little detail. There is no tear point and I always need a knife or scissors to get into the packaging, but this could be to stop children from opening it up.


Beautiful, crystally, orange-haired buds that aren't lose or dense, just right. The smell is almost like a green, jasmine or earl grey tea. It's mild, pleasant, and not at all overwhelming. This bud was so covered in crystals that it was sparkling in the light like a bunch of little diamonds.


I felt immediately calmed down by this strain. I felt focused and chill before I took a puff, but afterwards it was like a blanket of serenity wrapped around me and I became distinctly aware of my breath, focusing only on breathing.


This strain was great for relaxation. It had me breathing, deeper and deeper until my muscles where physically releasing. Highly recommended for meditation, movies, walks through the park.