Saints - Face Hugger Haze
Saints – Face Hugger Haze
First Impressions


I was a bit confused by the glass tube until I saw that Circanna did the processing. Doesn't mean I'm a fan of it though. This can break with ease. It does look classy though and I do like that they have the pheno on the label.


Not much I can say as far smell or feel, as it's distillate, but I do like the way the cart looks. The mouthpiece is kinda big but I'm a fan of that myself. However I wouldn't feel comfortable with letting other people hit it. I could easily see people putting the whole top in their mouth and—ugh—germs.


Ok this is where it gets good. This cart RIPS. The high comes on after one puff and just like the name says it feels like their is a face hugger on you, comfortably gripping your head (just without putting a xenomorph in your body thats gonna rip you open from the inside). I felt alert and focused, yet somehow a bit loopy in a really fun way. After about thirty minutes the high was still there and I was waist deep in my rhinestoning project, moving along with focus and ease and still able to shoot the shit with my roommate.


I had to get this off of namesake alone (huge Alien fan) and I was very pleasantly surprised by how effective it was. I can see myself finishing this in a day or two because I love it so much. The only negative thing I could say besides my quibbles with the packaging is that this only worked on a regular 510 battery. It was too big for my trusty airopro and though it fit my veo tech, it wasn't compatible. But it did remind me that a regular battery can rip too. Definitely would recommend.