A few weeks ago, I found myself carefully heating up a dab, waiting for my nails to dry, and laughing my ass off with my girlfriends inside a treehouse in the mountains… pretty much the perfect pot smoking scenario.

Treehouse Joint interior

A very trippy treehouse!

In hopes of catching a glimpse of the epically named Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse, two of my besties and I embarked on a journey to the Treehouse Joint, a stoner-friendly mountain hideaway outside of Monroe. Stoner-friendly might be putting it lightly.


The Treehouse Joint compound is close enough to Seattle that it only took us 2 hours to get there, but it’s far enough outside of Monroe that it still felt like a true mountain getaway. The ‘bud and breakfast’ is owned and operated by Tracy Rice, who has been catering to the 420-friendly set for years.

After making our way through the grove of trees that shelters the compound from prying eyes, we arrived to find Tracy, her two dogs, her horse, her donkey, and her pig Veggie. After spending some quality time with Veggie, she gave us the full tour, which culminated in us testing out some boss smoking appliances. She welcomed us into her home through the garage, like we were old friends, and we broke the ice by taking rips off of a very high tech, unbreakable bong. We followed that with some dabs out of her Puffco Peak. As if the pig wasn’t enough, during our sesh we were treated to commentary from her cannabis crazed parrot upstairs, who cawed things like, “SMOKE UP,” “MARIJUANA.” and “WANNA GET HIGH?” After this very pet-heavy welcoming party, we were finally sent off to our treehouse, the Pot Leaf.

Veggie the pig

Why yes, that is a pig in a tutu, what of it?

The Pot Leaf Treehouse is like something out of a fairy tale. Which is to say, it’s a perfect place to get high AF. The interior is decorated wit

h colorful murals, hanging crystals, and an intricately designed wooden bunk bed. It was also equipped with a metric crapton of weed things. Like walking into the Room of Requirements, but loaded with stoner supplies. We found sage, paraphernalia, weed culture magazines, and even a Discovery Pass, which is not a weed thing, but great if you wanna get stoned and wander around the woods. I brought my own supplies, of course, notably Dewbee. Dewbee is my trusty Stoney Pony dab rig and we put her to work. We also scarfed munchies, painted our nails, played board games (“What Do You Meme?” is great, btw), and other’s girls’ night go-tos.

There was also, of course, the Super Blood Wolf Moon, which we viewed from Tracy’s hot tub, which she generously gave us access to. . Standard cloudy Washington weather prevented us from seeing more than a few glimpses of it, but we still got to see the most epically named eclipse ever from a frickin’ hot tub!

Stoney Pony and sage

The infamous Stoney Pony

We smoked, we tubbed, we dabbed, and we slept through the night in a truly wonderful stoner paradise. To top it all off, we woke up to one of Tracy’s friendly dogs outside the window, making our 9am wake and bake session extra cuddly. To really up the whole ridiculously cute pet quotient, Veggie even put on a lovely dress for a piggy pageant.


There are lots of places to get high in the Evergreen State, but only one Treehouse Joint. And it is a truly unique place to get baked.For a weekend away, I can’t recommend this secret wooded oasis enough. Come summer, me and my girls will be definitely be back to take advantage of the fire pit, hammocks, and hiking. And to visit Veggie, of course!