TopShelf WA- Dutch Treat
TopShelf WA – Dutch Treat
First Impressions

TopShelf’s packaging is eye-catching without being busy or overwhelming. They always list the strain name and phenotype clearly on the front, and you can usually peel off the sticker to label your jar/cartridge after opening. They don’t include pesticide or terpene information, but for the price point, I can live with that.


This was super saucy and had tons of crystals mixed in. It had a potent sweet/pine aroma that was awesome. Be careful not to tip this little jar over because it will all pour out. Any little tilt and the resin moves from one side to another.


I tried dabbing this at two different temperatures to see which I preferred and the lower temp was definitely better. I was coughing for 5+ minutes with the higher temp, so maybe it was too high!? The lower temperature produced a nice sweet/pine taste to match the smell. My mind was elevated and I felt happy, while my body was relaxed and ready to do just about anything. OVERALL

This was great!! Dutch Treat isn’t my favorite strain but it gets the job done. I’ve used TopShelf’s wax before, so I was excited to try their live resin. I typically use their wax to make infused joints at home or to top off my bowls, but this resin is too saucy for that. You’ll definitely want to dab this!