Freddy's Fuego - Pablo's Mints
Freddy’s Fuego – Pablo’s Mints
First Impressions

Gives you almost everything you need in a super cute way. I love the glass container and the cork top with the seal, it adds a level of class. I don't like how weak these are though, they smash kinda easily, and are not really the most practical for reuse. I love the branding, though, and the bold print of the strain and the color-specific phenotype.


Not the strongest smell when you open the package and give it a sniff. The smell I do get is very stinky and skunky. Just by looking at it you can tell the joint is gonna smoke well.


I was really excited to try this strain 'cause I've been seeing it all over their Instagram. The initial feelings were great. The high comes on quickly in the body and you get tingles all over. The mind feels subdued and sedated. Great if you're trying to call it a night instantly. However, after about twenty minutes I noticed the high was almost gone and I found myself reaching for the bong. Great to smoke while watching Chopped, I will say.


Freddy's is a top shelf vendor and I can see why. I mean, the pre-roll was great. But the high was just fleeting. That said, this is the only time I've smoked something from Freddy's that didn't leave me stupid stoned for at least an hour, so I was a bit taken aback. Overall, I would say to give Freddy's a try, just maybe not this strain in particular.