Melō - Tiger's Blood
Melō – Tiger’s Blood

I like the sleek appearance of the packaging, but I thought it lacked some important information that I like to see for convenience. There was no strain information other than the strain name, so I had to look it up to get a feel for what I was getting into. As for the actual Melō device, I appreciated the easy instructions. The device itself is surprisingly heavy for its size. The weight is oddly satisfying to hold in your hand and, compared to lighter, more discreet vapes, this was kind of a fun change.


I thoroughly enjoyed the Melō experience! This little thing produced way more flavor than I was expecting and Tiger’s Blood specifically was intensely sweet like cherry candy. There was no flavor information, but whatever it was, it’s more of a dessert than a cannabis vape! Seriously, I couldn’t taste any hint of skunk or otherwise “weedy” flavors with this. The vapor was smooth and the experience is similar to that of flavored e-juice. Again, a fun switch coming from almost exclusive use of CO2 extraction cartridges! This was such a mellow, peaceful body high with a floaty, head-in-the clouds head high. After about 15 minutes I noticed full body relaxation and even some pain relief! Things got real stony, real quick with intense munchies to boot. Save this one for when you’re ready to wind down the day and relax!


I’m impressed! With as many proprietary vape systems as there are on the market, I’m curious to see the kind of variety Melō will offer with their cartridges. If they’re all equally as enjoyable as this one was, I could see myself investing some use in this thing! It’s definitely akin to artisan vaping and reminds me a lot of my experience with the Airo Pro. It’s not a daily driver, rather a luxury vape for when you want to treat yourself in the evenings to keep your high going. I hope to see more variety in the future, but currently it seems Melō offers options for flavors and a strain for indica, sativa, and hybrid.