NWCS - Purple Trainwreck
NWCS – Purple Trainwreck
First Impressions

NWCS packaging sucks. Let's just get that out the way now. It's pretty much useless once you open the package, and I always have to put the rest of my weed in another jar. This one super sucks cause it doesn't even have the phenotype on there.


Gorgeous looking buds, a nice blend of bright greens and oranges and a deep purple. The smell was a yummy pine smell with a hint of lemon.


I was honestly really blown away by this. Smoked a blunt of this before going out and it woke me all the way up. The high is all in the head, but not in a stoney way. My mind was super clear and I was able to focus on whatever it was I was about to do. 30 minutes later and I don't feel groggy or jittery, just alert and awake.


This is a fantastic sativa strain that I recommend to all of my sativa lovers. Great for a wake and bake to get the day started on the right foot, to smoke for a mid day pick me up, or right before hanging out with friends or doing a project. Seriously if you see this, pick it up. NWCS did this one right.