TopShelf WA - Blackberry Kush
TopShelf WA – Blackberry Kush
First Impressions

Gives you pretty much everything you need. I really like the removable sticker that you can put on the container. Great for people like me who usually have multiple dabs in one sesh. I also like that this isn't super bulky either.


Not really the most visually appealing concentrates I'll admit. HOWEVER, that all goes away as soon as you open it. The smell is EXACTLY like their Blackberry Kush flower. Super sweet and creamy. Literally made my mouth water smelling it.


Seriously so good. The taste is just how it smells—sweet and kreamy goodness. The body high sets in immediately, melting away any tension you may have been carrying or any stress from the day. About 20 minutes later the feeling of euphoria takes over full force. I seriously felt untouchable and able to take on any task.


IDK if you can tell, but Topshelf's Blackberry Kush is hands down my favorite thing to smoke in any form. It makes me feel like a superhero, a kingpin, the baddest bitch, seriously all the good feelings. I could smoke it any time for any occasion. And for the price?? Seriously, if you haven't tried it, TRY IT.