TopShelf WA - Oregon Diesel
TopShelf WA – Oregon Diesel
First Impressions

Standard TopShelf packaging. One of easiest companies for a consumer to identify. The name is front and center with a cannabis plant subtly in background.


Nice little rocks sitting in some sauce. Good coloring for a live resin. A very visually appealing dab.

EXPERIENCE Flavor was a light purp taste mixed with a light gas taste. Both notes were not overpowering but combined for the good flavorful profile you expect from live resin. I also picked up TopShelf's signature solvent taste. The high started off slightly elevated, before moving into a more sedative, sleep-inducing high. Good before bed dab that won’t send you right to sleep.


This product has great jar appeal and I imagine it looking great in a full gram. The flavor hit the notes I expect from a live resin process. This would be a product I would encourage people to buy in the future.