TopShelf WA - Blue Dream
TopShelf WA – Blue Dream
First Impressions

I appreciate Top Shelf’s clean design with clear strain information. There’s no needless clutter or cheesy graphics, and the package itself feels like quality material. The only downside is the cap to the glass container is difficult to get back on securely. I’d recommend putting these into a different slick.


I was blown away by the appearance of these beautiful crystals compared to the rest of Top Shelf’s crumble! It smells very strongly of sweet berry when you open it, almost hard to believe this is concentrate and not candy!


I love love love these! This was such a clear and focused high at lower temps/doses. I was able to focus on chores and have a productive afternoon. As soon as I dabbed this in large quantities, though, it stole my soul. I had a solid half hour where I couldn’t do much other than clean and it was a chatty, energetic experience. I love the option for either a focused headspace or straight up moonwalking.


I can’t find a fault with these truthfully. Flavor and scent are my biggest deciders, and this blue dream live resin nailed both. Delicious, an amazing high - I’d totally buy this again.