Sweet As - Gelato
Sweet As – Gelato
First Impressions

The packaging is easy to store and not impossible to open, which is good. I love that the packaging is color coded by Indica/Sativa/Hybrid for easy identification on the shelf and that the minor cannabinoids are listed. The cap is easy to take on and off as well.


Didn’t have much of an aroma or a very good color. The consistency of the product is very easy to work with, which is a plus if your using it in a pen. It also doesn’t stick to fingers to much when you break it up by hand.


The smoke was a bit harsh and there wasn’t much flavor to it. The high was more then I expected it to be right away and had me feeling very relaxed after a long workday. Took me awhile to get up off the couch after a couple hits of this one.


The packaging and usability of the product was good but the smell and taste left a lot to be desired. It isn’t bad for the price point but its nothing to write home about.