Oleum - Sherbet Cookie Sugar Cone
Oleum – Sherbet Cookie Sugar Cone
First Impressions

Pretty simple packaging, nothing to really call your mom about. Cute graphic sticker with the strain name on it. I wish the pre-rolls had the phenotype information like their concentrates do.


A solid feeling and looking joint, not loose at all. A bit too tight on first squeeze, but nothing a bit of massaging couldn't fix. I liked the sweet and kushy smell I got off of the joint.


Oh Oleum. Kings of concentrates, infused pre-rolls not so much. The joint started to run about 1/3 of the way in so I had to burn off a good chunk to get it even lit again. The high was just okay. I felt a light stoney feeling behind the eyes and a general sense of feeling more relaxed, but nothing as strong as I would expect from an infused preroll.


I've tried a few different strains in Oleum's pre-rolls and I have yet to be impressed. I just expect a lot, both from an infused preroll overall and ESPECIALLY one coming from Oleum, who is known to make some wonderful oil. I've known a few people who like these, but I ain't one of them.