In addition to the testing normally performed as part of Uncle Ike’s OK Cannabis program, which saw two failures this round, Ike’s recently paid for pesticide testing on some products from other stores. For, shall we say, curiosity’s sake.
While the OK Cannabis program has resulted in fewer failures among products on the shelves at Uncle Ike’s, no other stores perform these random, off-the-shelf tests, so the goal was to see how some of their most popular products stack up. Not well, it turns out.

Two out of four products failed. That’s 50%, 2/4, or, colloquially, a whole fucking lot. Products were chosen based on their popularity and price point, in hopes of testing what the most people were smoking. In the case of Ionic’s Berry White cartridge, the goal was to see whether they’ve cleaned up their act since failing in the early rounds of OK testing.

Spoiler alert: they haven’t. Their Berry White, bought at Herbn Elements in Lake City, clocked in at 7.6 ppm of piperonyl butoxide (PBO), a common adjutant for fogger bomb style pesticides, which is limited to 2.0 ppm by the state. W.O.W. Industries’ Royal Kush wax came in at an eye-popping 60 ppm of the stuff, 30x the legal limit. Again, this product was purchased at Ruckus, which constantly reminds us of its status as a Clean Green Certified store.

Thirty fucking times! Like, damn, are there any Doktor Doom cans left at your local grow store, guys?

The full certificates of analysis are embedded at the bottom of this post, for the curious.

The long and the short of it is, however, that people are still selling you contaminated pot. In the case of Ionic, which announced a fancy internal testing program in response to their initial fails, this is even more embarrassing. Clearly, their new program didn’t do shit.

Beyond the pesticide issues, it’s worth noting that the Royal Kush wax was also mislabeled, with no “intoxicating effects” warning, no net weight, and completely nonsensical THC numbers. But who’s checking, really? Not the Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB), certainly.

And speaking of mislabeling, plenty of these products tested waaaay lower for THC than what they put on their label. Observe:

Product Label THC % Test THC %
Ionic – Berry White



Millenium Extracts – Super Lemon



W.O.W. Industries – Royal Kush



Lazer Dabz – Super Lemon Haze



We don’t know what the producers/processors of these products, or the stores that carry these products, will do with this information once they have it. Hopefully, they give enough of a shit to stop selling them, but who knows? Ionic pretty publicly bumbled OK testing, and stores were still carrying the exact Ionic products that failed pesticide testing after the results were published. And it’s not like the state really cares. There hasn’t been a single recall since any of the OK results went live, and no one who has products that failed OK testing has been told to stop selling them. They are, without a doubt, still being sold. As a cherry on top, the state also doesn’t seem to care that people are, at this point, pretty much just making up their THC numbers and getting away with it.

The fact that these problems continue to plague the industry is equal parts frustrating and unnecessary. We’ve known what the solution is for awhile: random, off-the-shelf testing. After promising, way back when, that they would do random testing, the state is now creeping around the idea of lot level testing, wherein each producer or processor is required to test each 5lb. lot for pesticides, bacteria, and heavy metals. But they’re hesitant to even do that, and I don’t blame them—it’s an unwieldy, onerous system for the producer/processors, and one that encourages them to game it by leaving sample selection in their hands.

Random sampling of products on store shelves requires far fewer tests each month, prevents any funny business with the sampling process, and, as we’ve seen with the OK Cannabis program, really puts the fear of God into people. Since the program launched, its already low failure rates have gone down even further.

Maybe someday the state will get on the off-the-shelf testing train, but for now, Ike’s is doing it, at least. Shameless plug, of course, as this blog is paid for by Ike’s, but in this case they are seriously the only organization in the state that’s doing end-user product testing, and enacting meaningful consequences for fails. If a product doesn’t pass OK testing, it’s removed from Ike’s stores the next day, and a second product from that vendor is tested immediately. And if a product does pass, it gets a big red OK badge on the website (and our reviews here on The Sesh), in case you’re interested in clean pot. Given how few fucks most of the cannabis industry seems to give about your health, you really should be.


Millenium Extracts - Super Lemon
Laser Dabs - Super Lemon Haze
Ionic - Berry White
Royal Kush


Header image courtesy of Confidence Analytics, via Facebook.