Collide-o-Scope, everyone’s favorite “funny, smart, mind expanding videos mashup,” is already a wonderfully trippy thing to do while you’re high, but they made one entirely about weed, and it’s playing tonight at Re-Bar! In addition to the full bar, they’re providing free popcorn, candy, and snacks, which is pretty much the bat signal for bud lovers. You’ve probably been stuck in your house for several days now, glued to a screen of some sort. Why not get out of your house, and glue yourself to a different and vastly more entertaining screen? And maybe smoke some Gorilla Glue on your way? Guaranteed to be a good time.

If, by some miracle, you’re not completely snowbound, there’s really no better way to spend $10 during the Snowpocalypse. Sure Lyft prices might be at 17x right now, but there’s free popcorn! And for all of you lucky (or unlucky?) people who live on Capitol Hill, Re-Bar is about one joint’s worth of walking away. Coincidence? We think not. If you need some ideas on what to roll, we’ve got you covered.

Show starts at 6:45pm, and it’s 21+.