WA Bud Co. – Sky Master
First Impressions

There are a lot of pros about WA Bud Co’s packaging. One of the better designed hanging bags, they look appropriately expensive and have a large viewing window that presents the product vey well. There are big cons to the large viewing window, however, as it leaves the bud very vulnerable to light damage hanging in the shop. I’m also not crazy about the simplified presentation of the THC/CBD/Terpene content, and would prefer specific terpene ratings listed like on Puffin/Lazy Bee packaging.


Absolutely gorgeous bud. Looks similar to Blue Dream flower, coated in trichomes and bright pistils. Really pleasant aroma, bright sweet and piney, and opened up to a sweet berry herbal smell once ground. Smoke was very smooth and piney. Pics included in comments.


The high from this was awesome. Upbeat uplifting and super creative, really nice sativa high that became more relaxing as the high tapered off I made a delicious tamale dinner between the first and second session that this .5g sample lasted.


I really loved the high from this strain, would love to pick up another bag and share with a large group of friends. Primo sativa experience.