Bacon’s Buds – Legend of Nigeria
First Impressions

One of my favorite things about Bacon’s Buds' packaging is the image in the middle, it sums up all my favorite things! Fun fact: Bacon’s Buds changes the colors of the sky on the package to match the time of day that is most ideal for that strain. The bright blue sky is a daytime smoke, the pink and orange sky is an afternoon/evening smoke, and the dark starry sky is a nighttime smoke!


Legend of Nigeria has a strong citrus/gas aroma, just as the packaging states. The leaves had an awesome mix of bright and dark green hues. The buds were covered in crystals and left my fingers very sticky.


This is one spicy smoke! Nigerian strains tend to be high in Caryophyllene, which is a terpene also found in black peppercorns. Don’t be surprised if you end up coughing afterwards. This gave me a focused, clear headed and motivated experience. I consider it ideal for workouts, hikes, chores, creative projects, or anything that requires focus/motivation.


I have a love/hate relationship with Legend of Nigeria.. I love the high, however, the actual smoke is not my favorite. I don’t eat spicy foods AT ALL so this really does a number on my lungs. If you’re used to spicy foods, this shouldn’t be a real problem. (see my Lemon Meringue review for more Bacon’s Buds!)