Solstice – White Widow Live Resin
First Impressions

I love Solstice packaging. It gives you the strain name right on the side with the phenotype and I always appreciate a terp percentage on a box. The package also opens up all the way with a little booklet that contains the necessary warning labels and some info about the company. I do wish we could see more the dab with light coming through cause it always looks darker in packaging then it really is.


Sweet piney goodness oh my goodness. Seriously made my mouth water and made me alert just off the smell. The color was a gorgeous golden yellow and the texture was super smooth. It reminded me of peanut butter.


AT FIRST: Holy piney taste. Tasted just like it smelled. The head rush is INSTANT. Its like a nice sized rock is sitting on your forehead in the most comfortable way. After a few minutes I could feel a wave of relaxation run over my body, felt almost like being in a massage chair and the rollers go down your back. Put a smile on my face.

45 MINUTES LATER: I’ve had a small smile on my face since I took my dab. My bed feels like a cloud and all seems right in the world. Black Mirror had me locked in and all other issues in my life were irrelevant.


Seriously OBSESSED with this concentrate. Solstice dabs are seriously underrated, I’ve never been disappointed by a single one I’ve purchased. The almost 1:1 percentages and how terpy it is really adds to how great the high is. If you like dabbing, do yourself a favor and get one. I’m trying to talk myself out of buying another one because of my budget but also it’s so good I’d be willing to only eat egg sandwiches for a week.