House of Cultivar – Zkittlez
First Impressions

Generic clear plastic joint tubes, though Cultivar’s design is classy, minimal, and luxe. Label includes essentially the bare minimum—just strain, cannabinoid percentages, and harvest date.


Very potent aroma the second you open the tube. A slightly musky potpourri of tropical and red fruits, with a hint of unroasted coffee beans. Cultivar’s joints are always beautifully rolled, clearly made with all flower, and burn beautifully. The smoke was sweet, smooth, and offered a tantalizing blend of fruit flavors that was reminiscent of handful of skittles candy.


Cultivar’s label doesn’t doesn’t indicate that the strain is an Indica, but in this instance that’s not the worst, as Zkittlez has a very distinct high that defies the traditional spectrum. Zkittlez’s is potent and has a mix of intense body high and uplifting, creative social effects. Conversations with friends are bright and creative, while the body melts into the couch. I noticed a slight sensory enhancement too.


Zkittlez is a fascinating and very potent strain that should definitely be experienced firsthand. A great all-day smoke for Indica lovers, but could also be great pick for a brainstorming session or an interesting movie.