Fire Bros. – Chemolition Man
First Impressions

Details about what I’m about to smoke are always appreciated and Fire Bro’s always come thru with a nice description about how the smoking experience will be. I also like that you can’t see the flower from the front, helps prevent light damage while it’s in the store. I also like how simple the packaging is, really sets them apart on the wall.


As you can see from the picture this bud is GORGEOUS. Green, Purple, and Orange blend beautifully on these fluffy nugs. The bud wasn’t as chemmy as I wanted it to be in smell but it did coat my fingers in kief.


Smoked this while at home sick for a few days out of my trusty bong. Felt a weight settle over my body after the first hit and a sublte tightening of the eyes. I can’t give it a full five stars because I did want a heavier high in my head than what I got from this strain but it is still a heavy hitter nonetheless. About 30-45 minutes after smoking I was knocked out sleeping like a baby.


Fire Bros is a top dawg for a reason. This flower is a good buy for someone who wants a really chill night time high that can help carry you to sweet dreams.