Boggy Boon – Alaskan Thunderfuck Joint Pack
First Impressions

Love Boggy Boon’s packaging. They always provide the necessary info in an easy to understand way. I also like that they color code the packaging based off the phenotype. It makes it easy for customer and budtender alike.


You can tell when a joint is gonna burn evenly to the bottom just by feeling it in your fingers. The joint was perfectly packed but not bursting at the seams. The smell was what I expect from ATF, sweet and yummy.


This joint is perfect for giving yourself a quick pick-me-up and getting yourself in the mood to take on any and everything. I split a few of these joints with some friends before their show to get us all in the mood to turn up. The high comes on pretty quickly, and sits on your forehead in a pleasant stoney way. Thirty minutes later me and my friends were in a fit of ab-crunching laughs every time we all made eye contact. We went from being super sleepy and struggling to get thru the night to taking shots and dancing like lunatics during the show, which was exactly what we wanted.


Boggy Boon is a name that I’ve come to trust to always provide me quality product. If you haven’t tried their products before, you should, as they have something for everyone. Whether it be joints, flower, or concentrates, they have yet to disappoint me.