Bacon’s Buds – Lemon Meringue
First Impressions

I’ve seen several different packages (bags and variously sized jars) from Bacon’s Buds, but all of them have the same branding and information available: Phenotype, genetics, effects, and a short blurb about the strain! The only information missing is terpenes.


As soon as I opened the jar, my nose was filled with a potent, sweet/citrus/skunk aroma. The flower had nice bud structure and broke down very easily. It left my fingers sticky and covered in kief! I couldn’t get over how gorgeous this flower was. So many sparkles!!


The smoke on this was so smooth! While smoking, I instantly felt happy and uplifted. After about 15 minutes, a stoney euphoria kicked in, leaving my eyes glazed and heavy but still alert and giggly.


I feel like this strain is perfect for any setting. I could have gone on a hike, played video games, or binge watched some SVU. You can never really go wrong with Bacon’s Buds!