1937 – Cookie Haze
First Impressions

An eighth from 1937 comes in a decent sized glass jar, with color coded lids to match the phenotype. You can find the basic information on the outside but nothing regarding effects, terpenes, or lineage. This information really helps users (especially those new to cannabis) to determine the type of high they want to experience.


I was instantly impressed by huge nug included in my jar. The flower was various shades of green with orange pistols tucked away inside. The leaves were covered in crystals, but the flower was difficult to break down.


The smoke was surprisingly smooth for the cure; I was expecting it to be on the harsher side. The high was happy and slightly euphoric with a hazy/lazy come down.


1937 delivers decent flower at an affordable price. I probably won’t pick this strain up again, but I will keep an eye out for their products moving forward. The cure and effects just weren’t what I was looking for.