Skord – Maraschino Gold
First Impressions

This came in a heavy glass jar with a twist cap. The label on top of the cap included strain name, genetics, breeder, and a phenotype meter. Skord’s branding is very appealing to the eyes and I love that they use different color combinations for each strain!


The flower’s aroma was a mix of citrus, skunky & sweet; you can smell this as soon as you open the jar! My jar was filled with 6 little buds that were covered with fiery orange pistils. Upon breakdown, you can see just how perfect the cure on this is!


After just a few hits, my mind was uplifted, focused and filled with motivation. The effects were so clear headed that I almost didn’t feel “high”, but I totally was! I spent the next hour speed cleaning my entire apartment! Chores for the week = DONE!


I picked this up based on a recommendation from Josie, a Quality Assurance Specialist at our CD Pot Shop. They were sold out of my “go-to” sativa and I needed something to get me through the weekend. This was my first Skord product, and I must say, I’m impressed! I’ll definitely pick this up again! If you’re a sativa smoker or just need to get stuff done, this is for you!